How to Choose Songs for Your Wedding Ceremony


Your wedding ceremony is an occasion that you will remember all of your life, and choosing the right songs to create the perfect atmosphere has a key role to play. However it may not be as easy as you think to choose the ideal music for walking down the aisle. Here are a few helpful tips that will give you a hand when it comes to making a final decision.

Talk to the Venue

To avoid any disappointment, you ought to discuss your available options with your wedding venue first as some may place restrictions on the type of music you can choose, especially if it is a religious setting. If this is the case, you may be only able to select from a specific, traditional list (for example classic hymns), or you may be allowed to use any instrumental piece, but no vocals. Make sure you fully understand any limits before you make your decisions.

Consider the Ambience

Your wedding day is all about creating the right atmosphere and emotions. While the main focus is sure to be love and romance, you may want to generate a feeling of calm or, alternatively, a more upbeat feel. You should not be afraid to go with something a little unexpected, but make sure that your choice is appropriate to the ambience of the occasion – you may not want a hard rock anthem blasting out as you walk up the aisle, but you may be able to add a hint of it through an instrumental or acoustic version. Whatever you do, make sure that you avoid choosing anything too loud or overwhelming.

Traditional or Contemporary?

If you are marrying in church, it may be traditional to have an organist, however this is not the only option open to you, so stay open minded and consider all of the possibilities. A choir, gospel-style chorus, solo vocalist or even a live musician such as a harpist, flautist or violinist are all possibilities that are worth thinking about. You may even be able to save money by opting for recorded music instead if this is something that is offered by your venue.

Remember the Key Moments

As well as choosing songs to intersperse your ceremony, you should also not forget the key moments where music is essential. Perhaps the most important of these is the moment when you walk down the aisle. Whether you go with the traditional “Here Comes The Bride” or something more offbeat, you should take care to select music with a slow and steady beat that will match the natural rhythm of your walk, after all you won't want to feel rushed as this is your big moment! Remember to plan something for the signing of the register too, as this can take a while and your guests will not want to sit in silence. This may be a good time to use the services of a vocalist or solo musician, with a couple of romantic tunes that are recognisable to your friends and family and which capture the essence of the occasion. You should not forget to choose music to accompany your recessional too. This moment indicates to your guests that the party has begun, so it would be a good time to select something a bit more energetic and lively.

A Few Final Hints

There are a few other minor considerations that you should bear in mind when picking songs for your wedding ceremony. Firstly, think about the flow of the event – it makes sense to keep to a single musical genre or style to give the ceremony a clear theme. It is also sensible to stick with classic songs rather than something that you only heard on the radio the other day, that way you won't run the risk of choosing something that you regret at a later date. Thirdly, and finally, make sure to choose music that is not only appropriate to your personal tastes but also for the style of your ceremony too. For example, if you are having a civil service, you may want to avoid anything too religious, while if you are having a very formal event, you should bear that in mind and select music that is suitable for the sophisticated atmosphere of the day.